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NetSuite recommends filing your 1099-MISC forms through Yearli, a secure online filing program from Greatland.

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About Greatland and Yearli

Since 1974, Greatland has been providing wage and income reporting products and services to businesses of all sizes. Greatland's unique culture provides personalized service from dedicated account managers, each with more than 10 years of experience providing businesses with reporting guidance. With a full-time team of compliance experts, we'll also help make sure you meet the IRS and SSA requirements to help your business avoid costly fines.

We've made it easy to use NetSuite to file your 1099-MISC forms. Simply create a Yearli Performance account online, import your data from NetSuite using a custom template, review your data and checkout. It's that easy. We'll file your forms to the IRS and applicable state agency and send copies to your recipients.

Choose Yearli Performance for easy 1099-MISC filing

Your Yearli Performance Account Includes:

Federal E-File
State Reporting
Recipient Mail Delivery (paper, envelope, postage)
Guaranteed recipient filing on January 31
Advanced reporting and data reconciliation
Online chat
Email support
Phone support
TIN matching
Volume price discounts


Annual Subscription $79

Enter number of forms to estimate your filing cost:


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1: Price includes federal e-file, state reporting, recipient print and mail (paper, envelope, postage) and annual subscription.

Form Deadlines

For Tax Year 2017, 1099-MISC forms must be submitted to the IRS AND copies must be mailed to recipients by January 31, 2018. Greatland has the latest filing deadline guarantee, allowing you to submit your forms as late as 8:00 PM ET on January 31, 2018.

Due Date Requirements
January 31, 2018 Form 1099-MISC copies to recipients
January 31, 2018 Form 1099-MISC filed to IRS
Vary by State Form 1099-MISC filed to State Agency

How It Works


Greatland highly values the security and confidentiality of its customers. To that end, Yearli online filing products have undergone a number of security assessments that have been tested and validated by third-party auditors. Specifically, these improvements were made to comply with the Service Organization Control Reports SOC 2 certification. You can read more about Greatland’s data security and privacy HERE.

Dedicated Support

Understanding all of the rules associated with 1099-MISC filing can be confusing, but we're here to help. Greatland has full-time experts dedicated to understanding 1099-MISC reporting compliance. We'll help you better understand the 1099-MISC reporting requirements and guide you through the process of filing your forms to the IRS, applicable state agency and sending copies to your employees.

Throughout our site you'll find self-help features, with links to IRS instructions, tips, and more. Search our knowledgebase for articles or contact us directly through online chat, email or by phone. We triple our support staff during peak filing time, with extended hours throughout the week. Quite simply, you will not find better support anywhere in the industry.

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