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Learn More About Form 941

What is a 941?

Form 941 is a quarterly report of wages paid to employees and withholdings made by employers. It also includes information on the employer's share of Medicare and Social Security taxes during the period reported. 941 forms must be mailed or e-filed to the IRS.

Why do I file 941?

941 forms must be filed so the IRS can reconcile wages and withholdings and process tax payments. Penalties and interest can be incurred by the employer for not properly filing 941 forms.

Who needs to file 941?

Employers that pay wages to employees and withhold taxes must file a 941 form. See the official IRS instructions.

When do I file 941?

941 Forms are filed quarterly, on the last day of the month following the close of the quarter.

  • Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar): 941 due April 30
  • Quarter 2 (Apr-Jun): 941 due July 31
  • Quarter 3 (Jul-Sept): 941 due Oct 31
  • Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec): 941 due Jan 31

How do I get a 941 PIN?

The IRS requires a PIN number to e-file 941 forms. Apply for one directly through Yearli for free! Simply log-in or create an account, then go to the "Start New Forms" area within Your Filing Home. From there, you can then follow the steps to complete the Employer PIN Application.

941 Reporting Information

What to report
Wages paid
Tips received by employees
Federal income tax withheld
Employer and employee shares of Medicare and Social Security taxes
Current and quarter adjustments