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Learn More About 1099-DIV

What is a 1099-DIV?

Form 1099-DIV is used to report distributions such as dividends or capital gains that were paid on stock and liquidation distributions. A 1099-DIV form must be provided to the recipient and a copy mailed or e-filed to the IRS.

Why do I file 1099-DIV?

The IRS requires that all income be reported by businesses and individuals or penalties could apply.

Who needs to file 1099-DIV?

Any business that has paid dividends on stock of $10 or more, withheld foreign or federal tax on dividends or has paid $600 or more as part of a liquidation must file Form 1099-DIV. See the official IRS instructions.

When do I file 1099-DIV?

1099-DIV forms are required to be mailed to the recipient by January 31, 2018 and e-filed with the IRS by April 2, 2018.

1099-DIV Reporting Information

What to report Amount to report
Distributions such as dividends, capital gains distributions or non-taxable distributions that were paid on stock and liquidation distributions. $10 or more (except $600+ for liquidations)